Janneke Wittermans

I am Janneke, 21 years old and I work as a nurse at the Medical Center Leeuwarden. In my spare time I can regularly be found in the gym or at the fierljep accommodation. As a little girl, we went on holiday with the family every year by boat. Also with my father as an entrepreneur within the brown fleet I got the chance to get acquainted with sailing on a large tjalk. Water sports continued to attract my attention and with a course here and there to obtain the boating license. Nevertheless, it remained with recreational cruises on the Frisian lakes, until the moment I was discovered during my Saturday job at the local butcher shop. Eus regularly came in the morning to get BBQ meat for sailing trips and actually an extra hand was needed during the sailing trips on a tjalk or skûtsje. Of course I didn’t have to think long about this, what could be better than not only letting yourself but also someone else enjoy a day on the water. I never thought that this connection would eventually lead to participation in the IFKS2021 with a fanatic and energetic team. What makes our team special is the diversity in team members, from young to old and from little to much sailing experience. So a new challenge for me and I’m really looking forward to it!