Rutger Piersma

Hello, my name is Rutger Piersma. In my daily life I work as a self-employed person in technology. From the food industry to shipyards and everything in between. I gain experience in many different branches and that is the nice thing, diversity! That’s the way I have it with my hobby-related activities, actually I have a lot of them… But yes, it is better to have a hobby too much than one too little. Such as hunting, windsurfing, skiing, darts, enduro riding, old mopeds and I will probably have forgotten something… Besides this I am also a fanatic Fierljepper and I have been doing this since I was 11! Last year I achieved one of my biggest proud goals, namely becoming a Frisian champion! We will of course try this again this year, not only in fierljeppen but also in skûtsjesilen. I had the opportunity to participate in the FF team and took it with both hands. Because as a Frisian in heart and soul I cannot pass up the opportunity to participate in the IFKS. I’m excited!