SKS Lemmer

BIG-sponsor for the Frije Fûgel
Our goal is to seriously participate in IFKS competitions. We aim to have fun with a great club of people & sailing at the highest level. This requires a good sail wardrobe & materials list. This costs money and we want to get together through sponsorship, donors and “friends of the Frije Fûgel”

Why become a BIG-sponsor?
As a sponsor you support our FrijeFûgel sailing team and its goal. You make it possible that the skûtsje is kept in service and that we can participate in competitions at a high level! Participating in a sponsorship is of course partly “love of the game”, being involved in a beautiful ship and an enthusiastic sailing team.

Benefits for your business?
A sponsorship will also benefit your company, how great is it when a win-win situation arises! For example, we can organize a great sailing day for large or small groups, active sailing through the Frisian nature while enjoying delicious food & drinks! And of course a BBQ fired on charcoal on an island to finish … We also have the possibilities of shirt-flag website or ship advertising! Furthermore, it is possible for a company to book it as advertising or sponsoring and to enjoy tax benefits. What could be better than experiencing a complete sailing day with staff or customers, with food & drinks during an unforgettable sailing trip on the Frisian lakes … or +31653-295166 or contact our FFteam!

We have got 4 sponsor options:

example of possible sponsors…