Redmer Bruinsma

I am Redmer, 20 years old and I live on Mirns. Last summer I got my diploma for co-worker water sports industry. At the moment I am working at KM Yachtbuilders in Makkum, I am also following a study at the NHL in Leeuwarden. This training is AD Maritime Technology dual and I am doing my 1st year there. Since my youth I have been on the water a lot, after my 17th I came into more contact with sailing, also because I worked for a few years at a yacht rig in Stavoren. Here I mainly got to know the products & parts of a ship. Skûtsjesilen is new to me, but it seems like a nice challenge to see how I will like it. I was asked by Jeroen (our skipper) if it seems like me to participate with the IFKS on a competition skûtsje and if I wanted to think about this. I did this and I decided to say yes! Nice challenge to start with a whole new and fresh team. I hope for a fun & fanatic IFKS 2021, we are going to make it an unforgettable year.