Jeroen Biegel

My name is Jeroen, I am 44 years old and can be used for construction supervision in daily life. Father of two wonderful children Rymer (9) and Berber (8). I also have a beautiful girlfriend, Sieta with also two children and an active dog with two homes in Grou. Preferably outdoors, preferably in and on the water. I like mountain biking and windsurfing. Ever since I was a child, I have been around the IJsselmeer with my comrades and my surfboard. It is wonderful to enjoy aquatic life with the family, we have a cabin sailboat to extend the days in extra comfort. So have sailing well in me, it is a challenge to get where you want without motor power and to get the most out of technology. Sailing is a combination of tranquility and an active outdoor feeling. I am an active and passionate person and appreciate and enjoy life to the maximum. My biggest challenge, however, is to slow down more, but my enthusiasm, broad interest and the competitive feeling give me more energy. Via our skipper Jeroen I ended up at the Frije Fûgel. I think it would be fun to defy the elements with this exclusive team. I see different people with specific qualities bundled in our FF team with many interests and competitive drive, resulting in a success & pleasant cooperation.