Jade van ‘t Hul

Hello, I am Jade, born in 1994 in the Achterhoek and still living there. Always worked in the (night) catering industry, only started as a dental assistant because of the corona. I also follow the hotel management study. I am someone who likes to socialize, both at work and at home and enjoy being on the water! Yet it took a while before I discovered water sports. 12 years ago I learned to sail with ‘t Stickleback, before that I rode a horse. I also participate in organizing & guiding sailing camps. Besides sailing, I also enjoy wake-boarding, although I have to practice a bit more with this! I was asked if I wanted to participate in the FF sailing team, this seemed like a lot of fun right away. At first I thought uhh, also slightly exciting, because I have never really sailed with a competition skûtsje. What makes our team unique is that we are all very different. Some have a lot of experience with skûtsjesilen and others not yet at all. The team is motivated to sail hard and make something beautiful out of it.